New YouTube Channel!

After doing my midterm project from my Ethical Hacking Course, I kind of got bitten by the YouTube bug. I have created videos for an Airsoft field in a previous life, but never realized how much I miss making videos.

So, naturally I have created a YouTube Channel! Similar to this website, i’ll be posting things tech-related. It will primarily be things that is too lengthy to do a write-up on or easier to show in video format. For my first video, I’ve discovered a website called: Its a free online resource to practice (or learn) new hacking skills.

The site requires you to login. Once you do, you can access all of their missions and challenges that ranges in difficulty. As of this writing, I have cleared all of the basic missions and now banging my head on the realistic missions.

Note: You will learn the dark arts by going through their missions. It is illegal to use these skills in an environment you do not have permission in!

It is important to think like a hacker and go through these exercises. Only until you do so, you can better safeguard the privacy of yourself and others. 

Now, onto the first video!