Mid 2021 check-in – Part 2

In my last post I shared my journey of being VMware Certified. I had checked off a bucket list item and wanted to continue the while I had the momentum. Another certification I always had my eyes on was CompTIA’s Security + certification. While it is regarded as an entry level certification, it does open … Read more

Ethical Hacking Final – Fall 2018 (Mission College)

For my final project in my ethical hacking course (CIT016 at Mission College), we had to create a 7 minute video demonstrating a vulnerability with Kali Linux. I’ve decided to showcase a vulnerability of WPA2 by cracking the hashed password and ultimately logging into the wireless network.  In order to crack WPA2, you will need … Read more

Ethical Hacking Midterm – Fall 2018 (Mission College)

I am currently taking an Ethical Hacking course at Mission College (CIT016), taught by Micky Pandit. For our mid-term project, we had to create videos on a product and showcase how to install, configure and use it. Upon learning how easy it is to find vulnerabilities and pwn devices, our paranoia got dialed up to … Read more