Bluetooth mystery

For quite some time i’ve been told that peoples bluetooth Mac keyboard and mouse gets disconnected intermittently. I’ve done the usual, make sure the battery is good, reset the PRAM, Reset the Bluetooth adapter via the hidden menu, but no luck. We kind of brushed it off as there is too many Macs in the … Read more

TV dashboards

I have a wall-mounted TV in the office where I want to show dashboards of different metrics. Cluster status, Nagios, network bandwidth, uptime, etc. They are all web-based and can be opened via web browser. I used Google Chrome and hit F11 to enter full screen mode to display my graphics. Since I have multiple … Read more

VMworld 2015

VMworld 2015 was last month, which means its been about 1 year since I’ve started this blog! Last year I had the opportunity to attend my first conference as a attendee. This year I attended as a booth staff for my company, and what a difference experience! It was great to run into some old … Read more

Add drives without reboot on VMware Ubuntu guest

This post is on deploying a new Ubuntu VM, dynamically adding more disks, having the guest OS recognize the new drives and increasing its capacity without rebooting. This is really useful for critical production servers that cannot go down for reboots like a NFS server. Lets get started. OS: I’m using Ubuntu 12.02.4 LTS server OS … Read more

VMworld 2014

I had the opportunity to attend my first ever conference: VMworld in San Francisco. I am really grateful that I was able to see what other companies are doing with VMware technology, sitting through demos and grabbing a lot of freebies! Now that VMworld is over, its time to stop slacking off and start my … Read more