Finding an associated Cisco Fabric Interconnect in ESXi

If you have SSH access to your ESX server, smbiosDump has some very useful information. If you look in “OEM Strings: #14”, you can see some very useful information: [root@ucs-test1:~] smbiosDump | grep “OEM Strings: #14” -A 4 OEM Strings: #14 $SPI:rack-unit-13 <- Server ID $SPT:hx-nodes <- Service Profile Template $SYS:test-fi1 <- Fabric Interconnect This … Read more

TV dashboards

I have a wall-mounted TV in the office where I want to show dashboards of different metrics. Cluster status, Nagios, network bandwidth, uptime, etc. They are all web-based and can be opened via web browser. I used Google Chrome and hit F11 to enter full screen mode to display my graphics. Since I have multiple … Read more

Removing GPT partitions

I had one system where the disk (sde)was formatted with a GPT partition, but fdisk did not show any partitions # fdisk -l /dev/sde WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on ‘/dev/sde’! The util fdisk doesn’t support GPT. Use GNU Parted. Disk /dev/sde: 1000.2 GB, 1000204886016 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 121601 cylinders, total 1953525168 … Read more