vCSA 6.0 automated deployment

Doing the first batches of vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) 6.0 deployment was kinda…rough. Playing around with the OVA and getting annoyed at the web-based deployment option kind of slowed us down. At my current job we prefer vCSA’s for our Test and Dev environments and dont want to deal with Windows Server. Fortunately VMware has given … Read more vCSA 6.0 automated deployment

Modifying an OVA vmx hardware version

Ever tried deploying an OVA but the VM version is not supported by your ESX host? Heres how you can modify the vmx file to make it compatible with your host Uncompress the OVA archive. It can be done with a compression utility like 7-zip. You should now have three different type of files: .mf … Read more Modifying an OVA vmx hardware version