Update & Certifications

I hope that everyone is safe and healthy during this COVID-19 pandemic. Just wanted to share that I’ve finally obtained the following certifications:

  1. CCNA Routing and Switching (Finally)
  2. AWS Solutions Architect Associate Certified

I’ve also been spending time learning:

  1. Python
  2. Ansible
  3. Cisco ACI
  4. Docker
  5. K8s

CCNA Routing and Switching

I had first tried doing the all-on-one test but failed, then broke up the material and passed by taking the two tests: ICND 100-105 and ICND 200-105. I had passed on Feb 2020, right before Cisco retired these tests and revised the CCNA series exams.

Proof: https://www.youracclaim.com/badges/d5024a55-4f1a-49bc-96e4-6058135238eb/public_url

Study material:

I watched Kevin Wallace’s CCNA videos through learning.oriley.com, went through the Official Cisco Press Books and ran through Boson’s NetSim for practice labs and exams.

I had also originally gone through the Cisco Networking Academy in 2011, completed but never sat the exam. I also worked in roles that exposed me to a lot of networking technologies, so experience definitely helped.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate

This was another exam I wanted to take before it got revised. I felt this exam was much easier as it was multiple-choice and versus the Cisco exams

Proof: https://www.certmetrics.com/amazon/public/badge.aspx?i=1&t=c&d=2020-03-01&ci=AWS01299873

Study material:

Aside from hands-on experience with AWS, I went through acloud.guru’s videos and did these practice exams. I was also lucky to have been sent to attended Exit Certified’s AWS SysOps course before I decided to sit any exams. I felt SysOps was more technically challenging while Solutions Architect was remembering AWS-specific lingo and products.

Whats next?

Now that I have my CCNA and AWS:SA Associate certifications, I’ve decided to pursue the following Certifications in the next 6 months:

  1. Cisco DevNet Associate
  2. Cisco Certified Network Professional Enterprise
  3. Cisco DevNet Professional

I’ve decided to go with all Cisco certs because I get free access to various online Cisco training material.

I’ll also start writing about my DevNet journey on this blog and hopefully help others as they pursue the same certification.

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