Ethical Hacking Midterm – Fall 2018 (Mission College)

I am currently taking an Ethical Hacking course at Mission College (CIT016), taught by Micky Pandit. For our mid-term project, we had to create videos on a product and showcase how to install, configure and use it.

Upon learning how easy it is to find vulnerabilities and pwn devices, our paranoia got dialed up to 11. My group and I decided to showcase products that help protect you while you connect to public wifi, block advertisements and trackers and discover devices and their vulnerabilities on your network.

Our first product:Pi-Hole

I had done a write up on here: It is a network application that blocks advertisements!

Second Product: PiVPN

Same as PiHole, its a easy to use product which by it’s name: is a VPN server. Its OpenVPN under the hood and was created to be ran on a Raspberry Pi. Alternatively, you can run this on any other Linux host.

Third demo: OpenVAS

Another good opensource product that does vulnerability scanning, network discovery, etc.

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