Speedtest-cli on Ubuntu

Speedtest.net is one of my de-facto go-to websites when doing a sanity check on my network for throughput. Unfortunately it requires the Adobe Flash Player plugin, so in certain circumstances its too much of a hassle to get Flash installed or poor graphics on a VM, etc. So good thing is that there is a … Read more Speedtest-cli on Ubuntu

vCSA 6.0 automated deployment

Doing the first batches of vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) 6.0 deployment was kinda…rough. Playing around with the OVA and getting annoyed at the web-based deployment option kind of slowed us down. At my current job we prefer vCSA’s for our Test and Dev environments and dont want to deal with Windows Server. Fortunately VMware has given … Read more vCSA 6.0 automated deployment

Add drives without reboot on VMware Ubuntu guest

This post is on deploying a new Ubuntu VM, dynamically adding more disks, having the guest OS recognize the new drives and increasing its capacity without rebooting. This is really useful for critical production servers that cannot go down for reboots like a NFS server. Lets get started. OS: I’m using Ubuntu 12.02.4 LTS server OS … Read more Add drives without reboot on VMware Ubuntu guest

Linux tool: mssh

Are you a constantly managing multiple Linux nodes and doing a lot of copy/paste to 6+ terminal sessions? Wish you can just type and execute commands once and all your SSH windows get auto-magically filled? Enter: mssh. What is it? This tool connects to multiple servers and opens them up into one terminal window. You type … Read more Linux tool: mssh