Ethical Hacking Final – Fall 2018 (Mission College)

For my final project in my ethical hacking course (CIT016 at Mission College), we had to create a 7 minute video demonstrating a vulnerability with Kali Linux. I’ve decided to showcase a vulnerability of WPA2 by cracking the hashed password and ultimately logging into the wireless network.  In order to crack WPA2, you will need … Read more

New YouTube Channel!

After doing my midterm project from my Ethical Hacking Course, I kind of got bitten by the YouTube bug. I have created videos for an Airsoft field in a previous life, but never realized how much I miss making videos. So, naturally I have created a YouTube Channel! Similar to this website, i’ll be posting … Read more


This is a utility that sets Access Control Lists (ACLs) for files and directories for linux hosts.  I’m managing a Linux host on AWS and a design firm is working on the website itself. Even though the host itself is a sandbox webserver, I don’t want to give out root credentials – so we set … Read more